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Celebrating the Inside Out "Bookshop" with a Book Talk

An Off-site Event at Lafayette Central Park - 1400 E. Lafayette (Detroit)

Come get some unique Summer Reading!

Books inspiring art inspiring books:

Source Booksellers hosts an outdoor book talk and sale next to the DIA Inside|Out art titled “Bookshop: Hebrew Books, Holy Day Books” (1953). Artist Ben Shahn was a Lithuanian Jewish immigrant to Brooklyn, whose art spoke to issues new immigrants faced in urban society and ideas of social and political reform.

Inspired by the art, Source Booksellers has selected four books that explore "Elsewhwere Stories", increasing our understanding of diverse people from places other than our own. Coincidentally, June is Immigrant Heritage Month. #IAmAnImmigrant

1. "The Illegal" by Lawrence Hill
2. "Temporary People" by Deepak Unnikrishnan
3. "The People and the Books: 18 classics of Jewish Literature" by Adam Kirsch
4. "The Redemption of Galen Pike" by Carys Davies

Source Booksellers will introduce the books, read excerpts, and encourage dialog. Maybe you even have your own Elsewhere Story to share.  

All four books will be available for purchase to enjoy your own Summer Reading in the park.