Book: The Big Bad World of Concept Art for Video Games An Insider's Guide for Students

Author: Eliotte Lilly

Reviewer: Nkenge Zola

Upon receiving the book, the 9-year old grandson exclaimed, "That's what I want to be - a concept artist for video game design!"
The child opened the leaves to the table of contents and read quickly through it, then turned to the section "What is a concept artist?"
He noted the illustrations are tagged with the author's age at the time of production, the first being at age 17.
The child is completely engaged with MineCraft, King of Random, Lego World and Robots with game design a continuing interest.
This book is an absorbing read that took him away from the "computer." He decided that we would alternate reading paragraphs aloud until we reach the end.













Book: The Ultimate Bicycle Owner's Manual

Author: Eben Weiss aka Bike Snob

Reviewer: Tom Page

No matter how experienced a bicyclist you are, you will learn something new the first time you flip through this book! Filled with wonderful information and tips that make you want to ride!

NOTE: This book will be released May 3. Email us via our Contact page or at to Pre-Order your copy.