You Just Never Know

It was such a pleasure participating in the Kerrytown Book Fest Sunday, Sept. 9. While serving on the panel for the discussion on "Detroit: The Art of the Come Back" featuring the books "Built in Detroit" by Bob Morris and "Detroit Resurgent" (in which I'm featured) fellow panelist Bob Morris told a wonderful story of how we met. 

Bob Morris, author of "Built in Detroit" w/Janet W. Jones

Bob Morris, author of "Built in Detroit" w/Janet W. Jones

"One cold Jan. last year (2013) I was driving in Midtown and saw this bookstore called Source Booksellers. I walked through the slush and walked in and told Janet about my book "Built in Detroit" and asked if I could do a book signing at the store. I tell you, I've been with the book for a long time and I have never been treated so warmly, and Janet taught me a few things about the book business. Source Booksellers is one of the finest bookstores around."

You just never know the impact you'll have on people just by loving what you do and sharing that love with others.


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